Striderman Productions

Welcome to the Land of Striderman!

Commission Information

I am currently accepting NO commissions, however, this will change in the future (stay tuned).

Commission Notes: (when available)

8.5x11 bristol b/w ink---$15

8.5x11 bristol color (prisma)---$25

14x17 bristol b/w ink---$30

14x17 bristol color (prisma)---$40

non-standard size bristol b/w or color--- rates vary (talk to me)


You pay a flat fee for your specified art plus shipping of your choice (FedX, UPS, etc). I am currently accepting no commissions but this will change soon, and when it does, I will accept paypal with other payment forms to be added later.

Disclaimer: I reserve the right to reject any commission that I find to not meet my standards of art. Be it, vulgar, discriminatory, illicit, drug related (pro drug), pornographic, or obscenely violent.

Contact me at: to ask any questions