Striderman Productions

Welcome to the Land of Striderman!

Welcome to Striderman Productions!

Greetings ladies and gentlemen, I am Joe Pratt and I will be your tour guide for today. For those unfamiliar with Striderman and his heroic, yet wacky antics, allow me explain. He is the the number one Super Hero of the great city of San Fransisco! I have spent many years studying this facinating individual and I can only hope to peak your interest in this amazing hero! If at any point in our tour you wish to ask questions, simply speak up and I'll see what I can do.

WonderCon- San Fransisco, Feb 22-24

I will be attending the 2008 WonderCon in San Fransisco this year. Unfortunately, Striderman and I aren't important enough to have a booth, but rest assured! We'll crash the party and eat all the mini pizzas. I am planning on preparing a portfolio to show to Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon, but I have to competely re-make my curent portfolio so hopefully with some elbow grease, I can have it prepared in time.

You can check out the WonderCon at:

Cartoon Art Museum- San Fransisco

I've been to the Cartoon Art Museum many times over the years and I cannot stress this enough that anyone who is a fan of cartoons and comic art need to go check this place out. It is open year-round and every few months or so they have a special artist exhibit on display (IE: Chuck Jones, Disney, Matt Greoning, etc) as an addition of their standard gallery.

You can get more information from: